An Art Exhibition with a Digital Twin

A paradox question: How would you do an art exhibition that you can't actually view extensively - since indoor dining in the venue is not yet allowed? 
Well, I took the chance to hang my artwork in the beautiful room nevertheless and implemented an idea that combines digital possibilities of presenting art and the charm of the real premises: The concept of the digital twin.

To this end I digitized the rooms of Café Ruffini - and did so in such a way that a walk-in three-dimensional image of the art exhibition has been created. You can simply call up the virtual model on your cell phone or in the browser of a computer and intuitively move around and take a look - just as if you were there, going here and there to take a closer look at the pictures.

Take a look at the digital twin!

At Café Ruffini, in Munich (Neuhausen, near Underground station "Rotkreuzplatz") only outdoor catering is currently permitted. However, anyone who wants to go to the roof terrace or visit the restroom can take a closer look at the color-intensive abstract paintings in the guest room, which are on display there until June 27, 2021.

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